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Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your domain to rank in the top organic listing of the search engines. NOT in the Ads section and not in the Maps section but in the organic section, this is the place you cannot pay Google to get there any sooner. You can contract a company to help you in your efforts of ranking in the top 10-15 organic ranking. Understand this is a long term investment with zero return until you reach the first page of the search engine results.


Search Engine Marketing is an auction, the top spot goes to the highest bidder, now think of an action that is going on every day, thousands of times. Unless you plan on becoming the top advertiser by spending more that all your competitors and enough to, hypothetically buy every click on every search, than you need a strategy. this product is also instant, once your campaign is ready to launch it can be up on page 1 of Google/Bing/Yahoo. You want all your traffic sent to your site to ensure that you generating traffic to your own site.

See What makes the magic happen

digital products

Programmtic Display

With Programmatic Display and Programmatic Pre-roll you can be more efficient in targeting your audience. Sunbora Media will identify your audience to ensure that we are delivering your message to your ideal customers. This product can help you target your customer by 1 of 2 ways.

First you can target your customers by the content. if there are relative content out there that your ad would make sense being next to than we can place your ads there for everyone viewing it in our target Geo to see. So if you are a plastic surgeon and you want to reach people researching a specific type of websites to get more information about these procedures.

Site Retargeting

SITE RETARGETING is the art of getting the people that leave your website to return. the way it works is when someone lands on your website you are able to drop what is called a cookie on their browser and are able to show them regular display ads [leader board and medium rectangle] when they visit other reputable websites like ESPN CNN or any one of the thousands of sites that are out there.


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